Planning your first website can be daunting - especially if you are busy establishing a new business. There are 3 basic stages in establishing a new online presence - purchasing a domain name, choosing a hosting company, and designing your website

We can take care of all of these and include 1 year's hosting with our new website quotes.

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Contructing a website

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies your site so that others can access it. For example,

Choosing a domain name

It is important to seek guidance before selecting your domain name. While it is natural to select the domain name that is closest to your company name, this may not necessarily be best for your website performance.

A good domain name will be short, memorable, related to your company branding, hard to miss-spell, and contain a keyword related to your SEO strategy. or .com?

if you are seeking to attract business locally or from within the uk as a whole, it is always a good idea to purchase the domain name. However, purchasing the .com domain at the same time will prevent any competitors purchasing it at a later date and capitalising on your brand name. Also, some potential customers may type in .com in error. Both domain names can point to the same website. If you are interested in the overseas as well as the uk market, you could point the .com domain to a website designed to specifically target the overseas market.

What is Hosting?

When your website is complete it has to be uploaded to a web server - a computer that is connected to the Internet - in order for it to be viewable by everyone. This server is owned by a hosting company who will charge an annual rate for storing your website.

Are all hosting companies the same?

No. Hosting companies will vary on their location, the speed of their servers, the reliability of their servers, and the customer support they provide. All of these can have an impact on how your website performs in search engines.

What makes a good hosting company

A good hosting company will have fast reliable servers. For U.K. businesses, they should also have their servers based in the U.K. Many of the cheaper hosting companies, while based in the U.K. will use servers which are located overseas.


Contructing a website


Contructing a website

Does Design Matter?

How a website is designed can have a dramatic impact on it’s performance.

A well-designed website will load quickly and will be constructed to enable visitors and search engines to find their way around the website easily. If your website is visually appealing, this will draw customers and create a professional image for your brand.

What info should my website contain?

When planning your content, it is a good idea to talk over your ideas with your web designer first. At Loudon we will happily provide no obligation advice about the type of content which could help promote your business.

If you would like to discuss how we could build your new website, please get in touch.

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